PayPal report to website

Examples of PayPal setup using the CWCCA account

Login to your PayPal account.  Ignore the fact that the CWCCA PayPal account still thinks my name is “Cheryl”.  Use the pull down menu in the top right corner and choose Account Settings.

Next Choose Account Access

Then Choose Webite Payments

Click on Update

Scroll down until you see these boxes.  Turn On Auto Return.

Your URL for the box will be

It should then give you a Payment data transfer field (I hope).  I need that long string, please copy/paste into an email or message.

The way I have the other fields filled out:

It seems like it looked different when I set it up originally, but PayPal is alwayschanging things. If you can’t figure it out I can do it with paypal address and password. You can always change the password for me and then change it back for security.